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Custom Tailored Print, eProcurement and Distribution Solutions


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e-Procurement (electronic procurement)

Purchase supplies online with our custom tailored ordering system. Administrative costs can be dramatically reduced or eliminated utilizing RSN's print, eProcurement and Distribution solutions. 24/7 access from any web browser will direct you to your company's custom branded online catalog allowing you to administer, place orders, view inventory, track usage and access reports in real-time.

RSN's online order system portal advantages:

  • Custom branded templates
  • User profiles, permissions and budgets
  • Full online reporting
  • Online approval process
  • Editable saved shopping cart
  • Order routing to multiple providers
  • Back-end workflow process
  • Variable print
  • UPS integration
  • Administrative management

Simplified Implementation

  • Populate inventory database system
  • Automation of print production workflow
  • eProcurement Training (ordering, proofing, order status and tracking) 

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